Saint Fiacre community contact info



  CSA, 585-310-2963

Farmhouse, 305-6949

to write St Fiacre Microfarm core community —
364 Merchants Rd., Rochester NY  14609


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Woody and AJ at the Gates Garden

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Fact Sheet — Rochester Area Vegetarian Society

for the RAVS Annual CSA Forum February 16, 2014

Intro to Microfarm
Our Specialty — The All Winter CSA
Macrobiotic Diet
Summer Crops
Eco-Grown Fruit
Cut Flowers; Dried Flowers
Economics — Generosity & Labor
Micro Memberships

Click here to read full fact sheet:

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Volunteer Opportunities

Penfield Gift Garden Mini-Apprenticeship, April 2014 – Nov 2016

Work / Food Barter: Farm Chores Assistance, 2 – 3 hrs/wk

Work / Food Barter: Housekeeping Assistant, 2 hrs/wk

Personal Assistant / Driver for Elder Master Gardener

Winter Micro-Farming Apprenticeship, Fall ’14 – May ’16

Fruit Apprenticeship              part time, year-round

For more information visit:

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Wanted: Root Cellar Space

Root cellar space
to expand storage of winter crops, for St Fiacre Microfarm
barter or lease   fall ’15
in or near Rochester, easy access from east side

Size: 50 to 500 square feet,
potential for steady temps close to freezing, good ventilation and high humidity.
Certain garages, outbuildings, or even unused warehouse space is adequate.  Simple rooms or framed in corners of unfinished basements are ideal.  We would offer insulation, vapor barriers and venting to maximize storage potential.

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Preparing Winter Harvest for Consumers


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Note to Blooming Lilac Sangha, the Rochester Community of Mindful Living

Dear friends in the Blooming Lilac Sangha,

I operate St Fiacre Microfarm with a community of volunteers. This work is inspired by the Mindfulness Trainings, by the social change vision of the Catholic Worker movement, and by Socially Engaged Buddhism.

We care for a network of large gardens, berry patches and adopted orchard trees or grapevines around Greater Rochester. We try to plan on a surplus for gifting to the hungry. We usually offer a Winter CSA, for about 10 families to receive crates of fresh food from November to May. We aim to conduct all consumer transactions as a gift economy. We follow a philosophy that celebrates manual labor and all work as a fruit of the mindfulness and compassion within the human spirit. Labor is a fundamental expression of our relation with all beings. And so our work is also given as a gift. Every form of wealth arises from the generosity of the Earth, from whom we take our lead. We try to anchor our work in contemplative awareness. I share this with those who are interested by inviting microfarm volunteers to meet for silent meditation and morning prayer on Mondays.

I would like to offer Blooming Lilac members surplus from the 2014 winter harvest.  Small quantitites of fresh carrots, apples, kale, arugala, parsley, spinach and other winter roots and greens are available.

If you are interested, please call or email me to find out how the farm makes arrangements for mutual gifting……. and to arrange for picking up produce at my home on Merchants Rd in the city. Thank you. 

Chris Phillips

Microfarm # 310-2963

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keeping up with Tim’s music

Hi friends of St Fiacre.

Do you ever wonder what songs our fellow grower Tim has been creating and performing with his new bands? One reviewer said, “a fervent blend of folk-rock that rests at nothing to both inspire and engage. At times deeply political; at others sheer exuberance.”

Check out these EPs from Gin & Bonnets for a glimpse:


(Tim setting out asian greens in the hoophouse, Feb or March)

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Farmer’s Early Winter Reflections, 12/10/2013 by Chris Phillips

After two years accompanying my mother through death, and working with my father to survive a debilitating surgery and regain some form of his autonomous role in the world, things are starting to slow down. The boxes are getting unpacked, and the corners dusted. There’s time for a long walk in the snow, a cup of homegrown tea, and some reflections at the keyboard.

What are some of the St Fiacre Microfarm highlights during that time?

(continue to entire piece)

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Planting Plan Meeting

Planting Plan Meeting

2014 Planting Plan     an invitation to less growing and more sharing
Happy new year St Fiacre microfarmers!
It’s seed catalogue time. Which means planting plans!
And soon seed orders!
I’d like to invite work helpers and land partners of St Fiacre Microfarm over for
1) a planting plan afternoon on Saturday Jan 4th, and
2) a seed order compilation day in mid to late January.
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Spring is coming

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St. Fiacre’s farmhouse

St. Fiacre's farmhouse

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